International Shopping and Shipping

Are you in need of a personal shopper? Do you need assistance shopping designer brands or any specific items? At MyBestPriceToday, we have personal shoppers willing and ready to shop at any store in the United States of America on your request.

Shopping Procedure:

  1. Request: Fill and submit the shopping form below
  2. Contact: We contact you via email/phone number, to verify your items and schedule your shopping trip
  3. Shop: Share pictures and actual item pricing via email or text massage; facetime as we shop upon request. We include coupons and discounts offered by the store to ensure you save money
  4. Payment: Once you are done shopping, we send you an invoice for the purchased item(s); upon payment confirmation, we purchase your item(s).

International Shipping

We support in shopping around for the best international shopping rate and ensure you get the best discount.

Shipping Procedure:

  1. Research: Shop around for the best shipping rate for shipping companies such as DHL, AdeLove, Ship to my Doorsteps, etc.
  2. Decide: You select the best shipping rate and company from the provided options
  3. Payment: Remit shipping payment; once payment is confirmed we drop purchased items at the shipping company and provide you with details
  4. Ship: Shipping company ships your item


  • We charge 10% of the total purchase and shipping cost.
  • We charge $10.00 for every in-store shopping trip made
  • Any shopping discount will be communicated via text of email